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What To Do If You Have A Property In Disrepair.

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Property in Disrepair
Rundown property

Tenant punch holes in the drywall? Did squatters make a campfire on the living room floor? Inherit a house with foundation issues? Neighbor is a hoarder and roaches have moved into the neighborhood? Any number of situations could leave you with a rundown home or home in disrepair, and none of those situations are fun to deal with. And what happens if the home is uninsured or the homeowners insurance declines to cover the damage?

Many times, the visible damage is just the start. If you dig a little deeper (or get an inspection) you’re likely to find more extensive damage to the home – outdated/faulty electrical lines, rusted plumbing, termite damage, etc. As the list starts to grow, the dollar signs (and the dread) start popping up in your mind.

Hopefully, the home/property is insured and the damage is covered by the policy. Even if this is the case (and you can breathe a little easier), the home may be uninhabitable for a while – for insurance inspections, meeting with and waiting on repair companies, and waiting for insurance approval – meaning you’ll receive no rent money during this time (if the house is a rental property).


First, call your homeowner’s insurance agent and see if your policy will cover the damage. If so, go over the details with the insurance agent. They’ll likely have a list of approved repair companies and will be a tremendous help in getting the home back in good condition.

If, however, the policy does not cover the damage, you’ll need to pursue other ways of correcting the issues. Is the damage caused by a tenant who was required to have renter’s insurance? Contact their agent and file a claim to have the needed repair work completed.

What if the home was inherited and/or was uninsured for whatever reason? This is, by far, the more difficult path. You will most likely be responsible for the repair costs.

Another Option

Let’s say you find yourself in the position of having a property in disrepair that is uninsured, or you really don’t want to deal with the insurance company, the wait times, the inspections, and repair companies. Now what?

Consider calling/texting/emailing us. We are real estate investors and we’ll work with you to find the right solution for your home. We work with homes in need of repairs and have the resources to close on a property quickly.
You can reach us by phone at (940)255-7227 or by email at


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